10/19 Wednesday / by Barry Cox

Pretty morning here and not to cold.  It was supposed to rain but really only rained for a little while.  Today I drove to a new river, the Morice River.  Actually, I fished this river about 14 years ago on a guided trip with Blake Clark, Dennis Clark, Jim Fleming, Bob Moore and me.  I started the day by going into THE fly store, Oscars.  I had to buy a special license to fish on the Morice - $20.00 Canadian.  While I was talking to the fly shop employee, Tony, he asked where I was from and I told him JH and he said he know some brothers who owned a hardware stone in JH.  I then realized he was talking about Blake and Dennis Clark. Tony was our guide on the Morice 14 years ago....   Tony also reminded me that there are "some bears up there so be sure the bring along some bear spray".   I spent the entire time looking over my shoulders for BEARS. 

The road off of the highway up to the Morice is a forest service road but it is also a logging road.   Totally insane.  The speed limit on a this dirt, MUD, road is 50 KMH but the trucks drive much faster.  My truck and boat were COVERED in mud, see photo.  I finally caught a really nice "hen" a female steel head.  Males are called "bucks".  Don't ask me why. 

I did not use the dory as there are no shuttles and I was really just checking out the area and river.  The hen I caught, and released unharmed, was more than 30" long and she put up a 15 minute fight!!! 

I took some photos of the campground, the mud and the fish.