October 17 & 18 / by Barry Cox

Fished two days on the Babine River with Nya.   A ton of fishing but not much catching.  Finally found an RV campground, Telkaw RV,  with internet, electricity, showers, and a toilet, all big items.   The locals here at the campground are all steelhead anglers and a pretty hard core group.   They all seem to know where to go and how to fish with the best gear including jet boats to go up or down the rivers, no shuttle required.  I saw my neighbor loading up to go to his jet boat, his "sled", with four spey rods.   I am sure they were all slightly different depending on the situation....  Pretty much an older crowd of dudes.  When I came back this evening my neighbors were smoking a little pot. 

Pretty much done with the Babine river, pretty tricky fishing with not a lot of success.  I am planning to try the Morise River tomorrow. 

I got a pretty great sleep last night and I am feeling more normal after the long drive.  It is amazing how much stuff there is to do when you are alone.  I am headed for my first shower since leaving Cody.  Pretty crazy considering I usually take at least one shower every day.