Thursday 9/27 / by Barry Cox

Yesterday morning we had a minor set back. The boat sunk overnight. We had the boat anchored in about 1 1/2 feet of water. After inspection we spotted the right rear corner had a one inch split that was letting water in. We hit a rock but did not realize there was a hole in the hull. We had to load the boat onto the trailer and take to a metal shop and have it aluminum welded. After four phone calls to find a welding shop that would do the repair quickly we found a custom aluminum boat builder 5 minutes away! We were back on the water fishing at 10:30. It is just about impossible to not hit rocks. The locals are saying that this is the lowest water level in 20 years. Yet, this can change quickly if a big storm comes in.

We did not catch and steelhead that day. It rained of and on all day.